Thursday, 4 February 2010

Digital Portfolio

I have chosen a selection of works which, I think, illustrate the wide range of genres and media I am interested in at the moment. These include pattern and collage within illustration (see images ‘Three’ and ‘Five/Six.’) where through my use of paper creations, I have tried to develop a broader visual language within my work. In this, I have been influenced by the work of the designer and art director Chrissie Macdonald, who also works a great deal in paper. Another inspiration for this particular project was the work of Robin Cameron, who uses pattern as a theme throughout many of her designs. 
I have also selected images which, I believe, exemplify not only the breadth of my ideas and the different facets of my style but also the range of technical processes I am currently utilising in my work. The images illustrate my use of first hand drawing as a basis for a lot of my concepts and demonstrate the evolution of my thought processes from this initial drawing stage.
I have also chosen to include some work which has grown out of my study of typography within my graphic design workshop. Here, I have created a number of large-scale three-dimensional  letters in a range of different fonts and colours and have been using them to concentrate on location and the visual language I can create with them, conveying a message rather like an email, but one that takes a more human form (see image ‘One.’).
I really do feel that the nature of the Graphic design course at Manchester School of Art offers not only tremendous potential for me to continue developing my interest in these areas but to explore many new and exciting ones, equipping me with the relevant skills to help me to fulfil my ambition to pursue a career within the field of Graphic design.





Monday, 1 February 2010


An on going project based on pattern. 
These are collages created from cut up drawings and handdrawn patterns.

Sunday, 31 January 2010


A selection from a series of drawings i have produced based on wires in a still life.
i developed these into card stencils concentrating on the negative spaces in the drawings.